Replacement Remote Control RM-L1275 for Sony TV KDL-50W800C KDL-55W800C KDL-65W850C

by Generic Brand

  • Note: This is a generic brand product.

    Replacement RM-L1275 Remote for Sony TV KDL-50W800C KDL-55W800C KDL-65W850C KDL-75W850C

    This is infrared sensor remote control, no need to set up the code and no programming.
    Install the new batteries inside the remote, and fix the battery cover, make sure nothing is blocking in front of your device .
    Remote model number: RM-L1275
    This is a brand new replacement remote control with durable design.
    1-Year Replacement warranty. Return Accepted for exchange/Refund if your device didn't work with it.

    Compatible with SONY of following models:
    Sony TV KDL-50W800C KDL-55W800C KDL-65W850C
    KDL-75W850C XBR-43X830C XBR-49X830C XBR-55X850C
    XBR-65X850C XBR-65X900C XBR-65X930C XBR-75X850C
    XBR-75X910C XBR-75X940C KDL50W800C KDL55W800C
    KDL65W850C KDL75W850C XBR43X830C XBR49X830C
    XBR55X850C XBR65X850C XBR65X900C XBR65X930C
    XBR75X850C XBR75X910C XBR75X940C
    Replace SONY RM-EA002 RM-EA006 RM-ED007 RM-ED009 RM-ED011 RM-ED011W RM-ED012 RM-ED013 RM-ED014 RM-ED016 RM-ED016W RM-ED018
    RM-ED019 RM-ED032 RM-ED033 RM-ED034 RM-ED035 RM-ED036
    RM-ED037 RM-ED038 RM-ED040 RM-ED041 RM-ED044 RM-ED045
    RM-ED046 RM-ED047 RM-ED050 RM-ED052 RM-ED053 RM-ED054
    RM-ED060 RM-GA002 RM-GA005 RM-GA008 RM-GA009 RM-GA015
    RM-GA016 RM-GA018 RM-GA019 RM-GD022 RM-SA007 RM-W101
    RM-W102 RM-W103 RM-W104 RM-W105 RM-W109 RM-Y101
    RM-Y1109 RM-Y116 RM-Y135A RM-Y13 RM-Y139 RM-Y145
    RM-Y145A RM-Y146A RM-Y167 RM-Y169 RM-Y172 RM-Y173
    RM-Y181 RM-Y183 RM-Y194 RM-Y916 RM-YA006 RM-YD005
    RM-YD017 RM-YD018 RM-YD021 RM-YD025 RM-YD026 RM-YD028
    RM-YD035 RM-YD047 RM-YD079 RM-Z5401 RMT-TX100U RMT-TX100D
    and more.
    Please contact us before purchase if you are not sure whether this remote fits for your device or not, thank you so much!

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