AKB69680403 Replacement Remote Control for LG 32LH3000 37LF2500 37LF2510 37LG2100

by Generic Brand

  • Note: This is a generic brand product.

    AKB69680403 Replacement Remote Control for LG 32LH3000 37LF2500 37LF2510 37LG2100 37LH20

    AKB69680403 Remote Control for LG TV
    This is infrared sensor remote control, no need to set up the code and no programming.
    Install the new batteries inside the remote, and fix the battery cover, make sure nothing is blocking in front of your device .
    Remote model number: AKB69680403
    Compatible with LG of following models:
    LG 19LU40 19LD320 19LD350C 19LE3300 19LU4000 22LU5000 26LU5010 32LF2500 19LD300 M237WDP-PZ M2762D-PZ M2762DPC
    22LH2000 32LH2000 47LH2000 19LH2020 19LU4000 19LU4010 19LU5000 19LU4000 193100 19lu4010 19lu5000 19lu5010 19lu5020 19lh2000 19lh2020
    22lg3100 22lh2000 19lu4000 22lu5000 22lu5010 22lu5020 26lg3100 26lh2000 26lh2010 26lu5000 26lu5010 26lu5020 32lf2500 32lf2510 32lg210032lg2200 32lh2000 32lh2010 32lh3010 32lh3800 32lh4000 32lh4000.aek 32lh4000.aeu 32lh4000.bek 32lh4010 32lh4020 32lh5000 32lh5000.bek 32lh5010.beu 32lh5020.beu 32lh7000 32lh7020 37lf2500 37lf2510 37lg2100 37lh2000 37lh2000.aek 37lh2000.bek 37lh2010.beu 37lh3000 37lh3000.aeu 37lh3000.bek 37lh3000.beu 37lh3010 37lh4000 37lh4000.aek 37lh4010 37lh5010 37lh7000 37lh7000.bek 37lh7020.beu 42lf2500 42lg2100 42lh2000 42lh2010 42lh3000.aek 42lh3000.bek 42lh3000.beu 42lh3010.beu 42lh4000 42lh4000.bek 42lh4010 42lh4900 42lh5010 42lh5020 42lh7000 42lh7000.aeu 47lh3010.beu 47lh4000 47lh4010.aeu 47lh4020.aeu 47lh5000 47lh5010.beu 47lh5020 47lh7000 47lh7000.bek 47lh7030-.beu 19lh201c 22lh201c 32lh201c-za 32lh301c 37lh201c 42lh201c 19lu40 series 22lu40 series 19lu50 series 22lu50 series 26lu50 series2 6lh20 series 32lh20 series 37lh20 series 42lh20 series 32lh3 series 37lh3 series 42lh3 series 47lh3 series 32lh50 series 37lh50 series 47lh50 series 55lh50 series 32lh70 series 37lh70 series42lh70 series47lh70 series32lf25 series37lf25 series42lf25 series32lh49 series37lh49 series42lh49 series47lh49 series32lg2 series37lg2 series42lg2 series19lg31 series22lg31 series26lg31 series32lg33 series37lg33 series42lg33 series32lf51 series42lf51 series47lf51 series19ld3 series22ld3 series26ld3 series32ld3 series42lh90 series47lh90 series42pq35 series50pq35 series42pq65 series50ps65 series19lh20 series22lh20 series32lh40 series37lh40 series42lh40 series47lh40 series42lh50 series50ps70 series60ps70 series50ps80 series60ps80 series 22lu40 series 19lu50 series26lh20 series32lh20 series37lh20 series42lh20 series32lh30 series 37lh30 series42lh30 series47lh30 series32lh40 series37lh40 series42lh40 series22lu50 series26lu50 series 19lh20 series47lh40 series32lh50 series37lh50 series22lh20 series42lh50 series47lh50 series32lh70 series37lh70 series42lh70 series47lh70 series32lf25 series37lf25 series42lf25 series32lh49 series37lh49 series42lh49 series47lh49 series50ps70 series60ps70 series50ps80 series60ps80 series 37lh2 series42lh2 series32lh3 series37lh3 series42lh3 series32lh4 series 32lh57 series42lf57 series42lh57 series
    37lh4 series42lh4 series32lh5 series37lh5 series42lh5 series47lh5 series55lh5 series37sl8 series42sl8 series22lh2 series47sl8 series55sl8 series42lh9 series47lh9 series42sl9 series47sl9 series26lu5 series32lh2 series26lh2 series 22lh20d-aa 26lh20d-aa 32lh20d-aa 37lh20d-aa 42lh20d-aa 32lh35fd-aa 37lh35fd-aa 42lh35fd-aa 32lh50yd-aa 37lh50yd-aa 42lh50yd-aa 47lh50yd-aa 55lh50yd-aa 22lu50fd-ac 26lu50fd-ac 42lh90qd-aa 47lh90qd-aa 42sl90qd-aa 47sl90qd-aa 37sl80yd-aa 42sl80yd-aa 47sl80yd-aa 55sl80yd-aa 32lh40fd-aa 37lh40fd-aa 42lh40fd-aa - 22LU4000- 19LU4010- 22LU4010- 19LU5000- 22LU5000
    - 26LU5000- 19LU5010- 22LU5010- 26LU5010- 19LU5020- 22LU5020
    - 26LU5020- 32LF2500- 37LF2500- 42LF2500- 32LF2510- 37LF2510
    - 42LF2510- 32LG2000 - 37LG2000 - 42LG2000 - 32LG3300- 37LG3300
    - 42LG3300- 19LG3100- 22LG3100- 26LG3100- 19LH2000- 22LH2000
    - 26LH2000- 32LH2000- 37LH2000- 42LH2000- 19LD300- 32LD300- 37LD300
    - 42LD300- 47LH300- 19LD350- 32LD350- 37LD350- 42LD350- 47LH350
    - 42PQ35- 50PQ35 and more
    Please check your device is compatible with this remote before purchase.
    This is a brand new replacement remote control with durable design.
    1-Year Replacement warranty. Return Accepted for exchange/Refund if your device didn't work with it.

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