AKB73715603 Replacement Remote Control for LG 43LF540V 43UF675V 49LF540V

by Generic Brand

  • Note: This is a generic brand product.

    New Replaced Remote Control AKB73715603 fit for LG LCD TV.
    Replace Model: AKB73715603
    Connection Type: Infrared
    No any program needed, only put into brand new battery will work well.
    This is a brand new replacement remote control which covers all the functions of original remote.
    High Quality with durable design.
    1-Year Replacement warranty. Return Accepted for exchange/Refund if your device didn't work with it.

    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing Models: (Not only these models)
    19MN43D 19MN43D-PZ 22LX330C 22LY330C 22LY340C 22LY340C
    22MA33D 22MA33D-PRP.AEUNLUP 22MA33D-PZ 22MA53D-PZ 22MN43D-PZ.AEU
    22MT44D 22MT44D-PZ 22MT45D-PR 22MT45D-PZ.AEU 22MT47D
    22MT47DC-PZ 23MA53D-PZ.AEU 24MN33 24MA53D-PZ(24MA53D-PZ.AEU) 24MN33D-PZ.AEU
    24MT35S 24MT35S-PZ.AEU 26LN457B 26LN4505.AEU
    26LN450B 26MA33D-PZ 27MA43D-PZ.AEU 27MA53D-PZ.AEU 28LB457B
    28LB457U 28LB490B-ZH.BEUFLJP 28LB490U.AEU 28LN549M.AEU 28LX320C
    28LX320C.AEU 28LY330C 28MN30D 29LN4505AEU 29LN450B
    29MA73D-PZ 29MN33D-DZ 29MN33DPZAEU 29MT44D-PZ 29MT45D-PR
    32LN5400 32LN549C 32LN570R 32LB550B 32LB550B-ZA
    32LB550U.AEU 32LB561-B 32LB5610 32LB5610.AEU 32LB561U
    32LB561V 32LB570U 32LB580B-SB 32LB580U 32LB582U
    32LB582V.AEU 32LF510B 32LF510U
    32LF561V 32LF561V.AEU 32LF5809.AEU 32LN536B 32LN5403 32LN5403.AEU
    32LN5404.AEU 32LN5405.AEU 32LN5406.AEU 32LN540B 32LN5707ZABEUMLJP
    32LN5758 32LN6138-ZB.BEUYLJP(32LN6138) 32LN6138.AEU 32LP360H.AEN 32LP360H.AEU
    32LX320C 32LX320C-ZA.AEUYLJP 32LX330C 37LN5403 37LN5405 37LN540B 39LB570V
    39LB5610-TC 39LB5610ZCBEUJLJP(39LB5610) 39LB561V 39LN5400 39LN5404
    39LN5406.AEU 39LN549C 40UB800V.AEU 40UF671V.AEU 42LB570VAEU
    42LB5700 42LN5400 42LN549C 42PN450D 42LB5500
    42LB5500-ZA(42LB5500-ZA.BEKWLJP) 42LB550V.AEU 42LB561 42LB5610 42LB561VAEU
    42LB580V.AEU 42LB5820 42LB582V
    42LN5200 42LN5200-ZA 42LN5204 42LN5404.AEU 42LN5406 42LN5406AEU 42LN5708.AEU
    42LP360H.AEU 42LX320C 42UB820V.AEU 43LF540V 43LF540V-ZB
    43LF540V.AEU 43LX321C 43UF671V 43UF671V.AEU 43UF675V
    43UF6809.AEU 43UH664V-ZC 47LN5400 47LB561V 47LB561V.AEU
    47LB5820 47LB582V.AEU 47LN5404 47LN5406 47LY330C
    49LB550V.AEU 49LF5100 49LF5400.AEU 49UB820V.AEU 49UB830V.AEU
    49UF640V 49UF6959.AEU 50LB561V 50LB561VAEU 50LB582V.AEU
    50LN5406 50PB560U.AEU 50PN4503 50PN450B.AEU 50PN450D
    50PN6500 50PN6504.AEU 55UB850V 55LB5610 55LB5610SC
    55LB561VZCBEUDLJG(55LB561V) 55LB582V.AEU 55LY330C 55LY540S 55UB820V
    55UB820V.AEU 55UB830V 55UB830V.AEU 55UB850V.AEU 55UB950V.AEU
    55UC970V.AEU 55UF6959.AEU 60LB5610 60LB561V 60LB580V-ZM.BEUMLJP
    60LB730V.AEU 60LB870V 60LB870V.AEU 60LN5758 60LN575S
    60LY330C 60PB5600 60PB560VAEU 60PN6506.AEU 60UF671V.AEU
    60UF675V 60UF6959.AEU 65UB980V 65LB730V.AEU 65UB980V.AEU
    65UF671V.AEU 65UF675V 65UF6809.AEU 79UB980V.AEU 84UB980V
    Package Includes:
    1 X Remote Control(Battery not included)

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