GB004WJSA Replacement Remote Control for Sharp Aquos LC-80LE857U lc-60le757u

by Generic Brand

  • Note: This is a generic brand product.

    Replacement GB004WJSA Remote Control for Sharp Aquos LC-80LE857U lc-60le757u lc-70le857u

    This is infrared sensor remote control, no need to set up the code and no programming.
    Install the new batteries inside the remote, and fix the battery cover, make sure nothing is blocking in front of your device .
    Remote model number: GB004WJSA

    This is a brand new replacement remote control with durable design.
    1-Year Replacement warranty. Return Accepted for exchange/Refund if your device didn't work with it.

    Compatible with Sharp of following models:
    Sharp LC-80LE857U Aquos lc-60le757u Aquos lc-70le857u Aquos lc-70le755u Aquos lc-60le755u Aquos lc-90le657u Aquos lc-80le657u LC-80LE642U LC-80LE642U Aquos lc-70le657u Aquos lc-60le657u Aquos lc-70le655u Aquos lc-60le655u Aquos lc-80le650u Aquos lc-70le650u Aquos lc-60le650u Aquos lc-70c7500uAquos lc-60le857u Aquos lc-60c7500u Aquos lc-80le757u Aquos lc-80c6500u Aquos lc-70c6500u Aquos lc-60c6500u Aquos lc-70le757uLc-70ud1u Aquos lc-70le750u Aquos lc-60le750u Aquos lc-70le857u
    LC-52LE640U Lc-60c6400u Lc-60le640u Lc-70c6400u Lc-70le640u Lc-80le633u Aquos lc-52c6400u Aquos lc-60le640u Aquos lc-80le633u Aquos lc-70le640u Aquos lc-52le640u Aquos lc-70c640u Aquos lc-60c640u Aquos lc-52c640u Aquos lc-70c6400u Aquos lc-60c6400u Aquos lc-52c6400u
    and more.
    Please contact us before purchase if you are not sure whether this remote fits for your device or not, thank you so much!

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