Replacement Remote Control Part & Mkj40653802 & Mkj42519601 & Akb74115502 for Lg

by Generic Brand

  • Note: This is a generic brand product.

    REPLACE TV REMOTE CONTROL PART & MKJ40653802 & MKJ42519601 & AKB74115502 for LG
    New Replaced MKJ40653802 Remote Control fit for LG TV.
    Replace Model:MKJ40653802
    Connection Type: Infared
    This is a brand new replacement remote control which covers all the functions of original remote.
    High Quality with durable design.
    1-Year Replacement warranty. Return Accepted for exchange/Refund if your device didn't work with it.

    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing TV Models: (Not only these models)
    60PG70FD 47LG50FD
    60PG30FD 42PG60UD
    50PG70FD 42LG70YD
    50PG60UD 42LG61YD
    50PG60UD 42LG60FD
    Compatibility below remote models:
    AKB72914020 AKB72914245 AKB72914036 AKB72914261 AKB72914207 AKB72914220
    AKB72914209 AKB72914001 AKB72914283 AKB73275607 AKB73275615 AKB72914248
    AKB72914293 AKB73615309 AKB72914208 AKB73275605 AKB72915211 AKB72915217
    AKB72915206 AKB72915208 AKB33871420 AKB72915239 AKB73615303 AKB7914221
    AKB72914219 AKB72915249 AKB72914059 AKB72914201 AKB73615320 AKB73275656
    AKB73615327 AKB73615303 AKB73275612 AKB73275616 AKB72915252 AKB69680413
    AKB34907204 AKB33871422 AKB73756502 AKB72914240 AKB72914018 AKB73655801
    AKB73615363 AKB72915255 AKB33871421 AKB36157101 AKB69680403 AKB72914048
    AKB73655803 AKB73615306 AKB72915277 AKB73275625 AKB72915244 AKB72915238
    AKB72915204 AKB73755411 AKB73756505 AKB73715619 AKB73655855 AKB73655805
    AKB73655804 AKB73655862 MKJ36998105 MKJ37815710 MKJ61841805 MKJ37815707
    MKJ54138918 AKB69680414 AKB69680416 AKB72914001 MKJ37815706 MKJ36998118
    MKJ61842705 MKJ54138911 AKB72915207 AKB72914016 AKB72914029 AKB72914042
    6710V0000112V 6710V00017E 6710V00017F 6710V00017A 6710V00017H 6710V00017M
    6710V00008A 6710V00007S 6710V00009S 6710V00028N 6710V00028W 6710V00028X
    6710V00028S 6710V00007D 6710V00029E 6710V00007A 6710V0007Y 6710V00008K
    6710V00008V 6710V00008W 6710V00090A 6710V00090F 6710V00078A 6710V00027F
    6710V00042D 6710V00070A 6710V00007A 6710V00007T 6710V00007U 6710V0017M
    6710V00029C 6710V00028M 6710V00032C 6710V00042E 6710V00061G 6710V00088S
    6710V00090F 6710V00090G 6710V00090W 6710V00090E 6710V00088A 6710V00088S
    6710V00017R 6710V00077S 6710V00028H 6710V00054E 6710V00080C 6710V00077Z
    6710V00078C 6710V00083Q 6710V00026C 6710V00124D 6710V00017G 6710V00042E
    6710V00008T 6710V00090B 6710V00020E 6710V00020F 6710V00027K 6710V00079A
    6710V00017B 6710V00088W 6710V00098A 6710V00109B 6710V00061T 6710V00070B
    6710V00083J 6710V0077U 6710V00083Q 6710V00061G 6710V00124B 6710V00007W
    6710V00077Z 6710V00008C 6710V00080D 6710V00112W 6710V00008W 6710V00090H
    6710V00112P 6710V00010T 6710V00090N 6710V00088E 6710V00124Y AKB72914219
    AKB72914036 AKB72914248 AKB72914261 AKB72914283
    AKB73275615 AKB73275607 AKB72914020 AKB72914209
    AKB72914245 AKB72144293 AKB73275604 AKB73615309
    AKB72914208 105-210A 105-230D 105-230A 105-230M
    105-230N 105-230F 105-230J 105-229Y 105-224F 105-210E
    105-210F 105-210Y 105-207J 105-209A 105-229Y 105-224P
    105-210N 105-230G 105-198D 105-210M 105-230J 105-230F
    CH062 RD2420 DS-251 LG140D LG-55K9 FS-222M GOLDSTAR-200
    RM-D657 RM-D715A
    Blu-Ray DVD Models:
    Blu-Ray AKB73775809 AKB72976306 AKB72976022 AKB73015301
    AKB73095401 AKB73215304 AKB73275501 AKB73315301 AKB73495301
    AKB73615702 AKB35040202 AKB73575401 AKB32245801 AKB32587301
    AKB70877912 AKB72975301 AKB72956201 AKB72975301 MKJ32022815
    MKJ32022833 MKJ39170802 MKJ40653809 6711R1P082A 6710900010A
    6710CDAG01A 6710CDAL01B 6710CDAP01B 6711R1P089ADS-283 6710900010F
    COV30748125 LG-DVD 6711R1P070C
    Package Includes:
    1 X Remote Control(Battery not included)

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